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Writings of John D. Whitford

John D. Whitford with walking stickJohn Dalton Whitford (17 Aug 1825-13 Sep 1910), legislator, railroad president, soldier and historian, was born in New Bern, the son of Hardy Whitford and Mary James Clark. He married Jeanie Reid. At the age of 21, he was elected Intendent of New Bern (as the office of Mayor was designated at the time). He also served as Collector of Customs at New Bern's port, and soon after was elected President of the Atlantic and North Carolina Railroad. In May 1919, Judge R.A. Nunn gave a speech detailing the life of Col. John D. Whitford.

At various times during the late 1800s and the early 1900s, Whitford penned articles for the local newspapers detailing the history of New Bern. These articles are being transcribed and placed here for your enjoyment.

Bits of the History of New Bern Series (1882-1883)

New Bern/New Berne History Series (1891)

  • Sketches of Masons and Masonry, St. John the Babtist's [sic]Day, Funeral in 1798
  • McClures & Gastons, Harlowe Canal, A Free Negro Sells His Father, Olden Times and Present, Masonic Integrity, Yellow Fever
  • Yellow Fever in 1788-89, Two Old Notes, Capital B Without Final e in 1792
  • Our Sister Town, Is It Kingston, Caswell or Kinston
  • How a Scholar, De Graffenried and Historians Spelled It, Cemetery Gate Inscription, D Dropped from Handcock, Mayor Manly and the Mother City
  • The Crooms; Stanly-Henry Duel; Dr. Isaac W. Hughes: His Skill, Unselfish Disposition, Public Spirit and Attachment to New Berne.
  • Dr. Isaac W. Hughes' Last Days, HIs Son "Coll" in the War, Killed at Gettysburg, Valor of Our Soldiers
  • Grandest Ball Ever Held in This City, Part 1
  • Grandest Ball Ever Held in This City, Part 2

Historical Reminiscences/Historical Sketches Series (1904-1905)

Miscellaneous Articles

  • New Berne & Beaufort Canal Company, Part 1 (January 13, 1891)
  • New Berne & Beaufort Canal Company, Part 2 (January 14, 1891)
  • It Is "New-Bern." (February 6, 1896)

Writing of John D. Whitford